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July 26, 1924

James B. Young
Tax Collector Uvalde County
Uvalde, Texas

July 26, 1924.

Mr. Walter E. Dove,
Somewhere, I don’t know where.

Dear Walter:

Won’t you please tell me why you refuse to answer my last two letters? I have racked my brain to think of something I might have said or done to offend you, but, to save me, I can’t. I most earnestly beg your pardon if I have, and I sincerely promise never to do so again. I don’t know where you are as I have not heard from you since you left Dallas, but, in order to be sure, I am making this letter in triplicate, sending one to Dallas, one to Jacksonville, and another to Roxie.

July 25, 1924

July 25, 1924

I have already mailed you one letter to Roxie, and, a few days later, one to Jacksonville, (not duplicated, however) but, as far as I know, you have not received either.

I hope I will find out the why and wherefore of it all soon.

Ina Lewis
Deputy Tax Collector, Uvalde County.