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December 3, 1939 (Ina)

Sunday A.M.

Dearest Sweetheart:

Your letter this A.M. was most welcome – it was thoughtful of you to send it “special.” I was finding it hard to make up my mind to wait until tomorrow to hear. The outlook looks pretty good, doesn’t it? I hope you will insist upon the $5600 though; that is the least that you can expect. Of course you hvae not had time to make definite plans, but it may be that we shall want to move to Menard after Jan. 26 (mid-term at school) during your leave. It would not be so bad to stay down there without you for a while. Of course we would want to go to Washington if you were going to be there many months.

December 3, 1939 (Ina)

December 3, 1939 (Ina)

We are so happy that Claudelle may come by to see us. Lewis Dunbar cried the other day because you were going to get to see her and he wasn’t. Perhaps you and she could come home together. We must put in an order for a big snow and freeze-up for her – not that the snow would be new to her. Today is quite cold with little snow flurries. The children have just returned from Sunday school with the rosiest of cheeks.

I telephoned Polly this A.M. and gave her such news as I thought you would not mind my giving. She promised not to hint it to a soul, and I’m sure she can be trusted. She seemed greatly relieved that she would have some old friends in the Denver office.

Now for a little local color. Our neighbors upstairs are having a round with the new janitor this morning. I had no trouble hearing it because it happened at the back door (and you know their voices). The house became a little chilly last night, due to the cold wave. All during the night I could hear Mr. D. running down stairs to do something to the furnace. Well, it seems that he found the furnace room door padlocked when he came down this A.M. You should have heard his and Louise’s angry voices, especially after the janitor “just stood there and grinned at you, Father,” so I heard Louise reminding Mr. D. after their interview with him. They are excitedly running about trying to get in touch with Mr. Vieman or one of the Thorpe Bros. because “I’ll bet we get a new set of janitors, Father, because we can’t afford to be grinned at, you know,” says Louise.

I must go prepare some dinner. Wish you were here, although I’m sure you will have a better dinner elsewhere. It’s lonesome without you.

We had Thanksgiving dinner at the Rainbow Cafe at Lake & Hennepin.

Give our love to Claudelle. We hope to be seeing you both soon.

Lots of love from the 3 of us.