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August 17, 1925

Monday Night.

My Dear Sweetheart,

I guess I have the same feeling that you had as the mail man didn’t give me anything yesterday nor today. They will probably come together tomorrow. Will take the early train to Jax and I guess I’ll post this up there as it would probably go quicker than if it waited here. Dr. White is “turning in” now. We have just infected an experimental rat. I am going to Jax to get some guinea pigs and white mice for other experiments. He says that he will probably go to Houston or Port Lavaca Texas about the first of next month. This will be about the same time that I expected to go down the state. I guess it is about long enough for his purpose here, and I am in hopes that I’ll work it out if we do not get it before he leaves. Would just about as soon do it this way anyhow, but we are probably on the right road now. I believe that I can get more accomplished by myself than if both of us are working together. It is a peculiar fact that in this work, the more men on the problem the less efficient they are. I like to have my own problem and after this I expect to keep others off the ground as much as possible. Of course I’ll have to send the material in to have the identification verified, but it is much nicer to co-operate by mail than to have some one here. I naturally try to be nice to Dr. White and we are getting along exceptionally well since we had an understanding about the procedure on the problem. He usually wants to eat at the wrong time, and picks the wrong time to go in the surf, but I let him have his way on it. However, I do not care for the crowds in the surf and this is when he wants to be down there. He probably likes the looks of the girls better than I do, for they don’t interest me. My interest and whole heart are on you, Sweetheart, and I wouldn’t have anything to come between us for anything in the world. I certainly do love you.

August 17, 1925

August 17, 1925

Had a letter from Mervin today. It was nice of him to write. He wondered if my express came before I left Uvalde. I had told him that if it did not come before I left, that I would ask him to deliver it for me. He would have gladly delivered it to you, but I am glad that it came before I left (the suit case & hat box). I am enclosing his letter as you will probably get a laugh out of it too. He doesn’t know how to spend his vacation. Guess I’ll have to tell him about the girls down here, though I don’t know anything from experience. You will find this to be true when you come down here.

When I get to this part of the letter I always remind you that I still love you, and I certainly want you to know it. I think of you often, Dear, and would give worlds just to see you for one evening. But that would only mean that I would wish for you every evening to come.

Believe me, I love you. “Sure,” “you bet,” etc.