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July 8, 1925

New Orleans L&N Station
Wednesday 7:30 PM.

My Dear Sweetheart,

Pardon the pencil but my pen is in my brief case and I can’t put my hands on it just now. It would not be a very nice display in the waiting room if I should search for it and unpack everything. I am fortunate that I have just enough time between trains to write.

The trip has been quite pleasant and not as hot as it was last year. It is lonesome though and I console myself in the fact that you will be with me the next time. I wish you were along now. I guess I have as much hand luggage as if you were with me, two suit cases and a brief case. I checked the small trunk and shipped the other trunk and a box by Express. I expect to leave most of it in Florida and we won’t have to carry it on the next trip.

July 8, 1925

July 8, 1925

Mr. Seaton was mighty fine to me in Dallas.When I arrived he gave me a key to his Ford roadster and I had use of it the whole time I was there. Last night he came to the train with me. He is one of Mr. Galele’s men and for some time was in San Antonio.

Last night and the night before I went to sleep about the usual time, but I didn’t get up until about light this A.M. If I had gotten up early I would have had more time to loaf and I got pretty tired of that with what time I had today. There were two or three pretty girls in the same car and they seemed lonesome too, but I didn’t get acquainted. Thought of you most all day, and I have no desire to meet any other girl. They don’t interest me any more.

Have read a couple of magazines which might interest you and I am posting them with this letter. In the Legion Weekly the “Barsts and Suds” page has a bit of humor.

Mrs. Goodman had promised to take her little boy to the movies last night and they were showing “The Ten Commandments.” He said he wanted to go down to see God play. He is a good little kid and in the event we want to live in our own home while in Dallas, I believe he would not bother you. Mrs. Goodman says that anytime I come to Dallas she will arrange to let me have a room out there. She has an idea I might find a wife.

The low lands of Louisiana looked good today. The lack of rain seemed to be about what they needed. The crops were real good.

I’ll write you again, Dear, as soon as I arrive at Jax which will be about 8:30 tomorrow nite. I hope Dr. K.S. will not come down town then, but it would be the natural thing for him to do. If he does meet me he will talk until quite late. Anyway I’ll write if only a few words. I presume Dr. White will be there when I arrive. I should have been there a day earlier, but I wouldn’t have taken anything for the time I spent with you Sunday. Seems that I love you more every time I see you and each time I wonder if it is possible to love you more. You are so sweet and I love you with all my heart.

Sweet dreams,