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July 9, 1925

10:30 P.M.

My Dearest Walter:

Claudelle and I have just returned from a meeting of the Young Peoples’ Union. The Christian Endeavor furnished the program for the evening which was in the form of a missionary pageant. It was very good and interesting.

Your Tuesday letter came this morning and I could hardly wait until I opened it to see what you had to say. Honestly, I get so thrilled every time I see a letter addressed to me in your handwriting. I enjoy every word of it when I read the contents too. In fact, my dear Walter, I fear I am most hopelessly in love, and you are the victim. I realize it more and more each day, and I feel sure I shall never get back to normal. However, I’ll have to confess that I like the sensation wonderfully, and would be terribly disappointed if I thought there was a chance for my recovery. Furthermore, I will say that I hope you have a genuine case of it yourself. If there is anything I can do to prevent your recovery I shall be more than glad to do it.

July 9, 1925

July 9, 1925

We have had company all day today. Sterling Fly, his wife and little six month old boy have been with us. She is Bob’s sister, and we enjoyed having them all so much. I am afraid the baby is very much spoiled this evening as we all petted him so much. He is just as sweet and good as he can be and is just the kind you want to squeeze real hard. Soon after they left, Mrs. Hines and Eugene Monagin’s wife called. She is very attractive and sweet. I don’t blame Gene a bit. I haven’t seen Mervin since you left. He may be in deep mourning for you. I think I shall find him and share my widows’ weeds with him. I know he can’t miss you half as much as I do tho.

I am glad you had an opportunity to eat dinner in our little breakfast room, even tho I couldn’t be there. Won’t it be nice when we can eat breakfast together? I met you at the breakfast table and I have had more respect for breakfast ever since. There is a halo of sentiment about it now that used to be lacking. I get all thrilled every time I think of having you for three meals every day. I can hardly wait for the time to come. And to think that it will sometime be in a home of our own!

I thought of you at 8:45 this evening when you were supposed to have arrived in Jacksonville. I am sure you will be so busy tomorrow that you will hardly know where you are. However, it will be work in which you are deeply interestted, and that will make it pleasant. I am going to be thinking of you and wishing you well.

It is getting late and I am trying to get into the habit of retiring early, so goodnight and pleasant dreams.

I think the world and all of you.

Yours always,

September 15, 1924

Monday PM

Dear Ina,

I have thought of you real often, even though I have neglected to write during the past few days. I have felt that I wanted to see you and would welcome the opportunity to spend a while in Uvalde. Mr. Bishopp has not written to me regarding it and I presume that he feels that it is hardly wise to pull me off the job here. It has been very dry and cases have been scarce, but today it is raining and no doubt we will have lots of material soon.

September 15, 1924

September 15, 1924

Dr. K.S. and I went fishing last Friday. Drove to the St. John’s River about 100 miles south, where it is about the width of the Nueces at the point we visited. Had a negro row the boat and we covered about twelve miles, then at 5PM a motor boat pulled us back to where we had left the auto. It was my first attempt with casting and I only caught one which weighed about 1 3/4 lbs. Dr. K.S. had about 23 ranging from 1 to 5 lbs. He didn’t consider that his luck was good as he often gets twice that many in one day and occasionally a 12 pounder. That was the first day I didn’t work and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Had a late drive in returning which put us at home 3:30 Sat. A.M. This partly accounts for my not writing. I wonder if you would have enjoyed such a trip, just you and I with a negro to row.

I didn’t care for the late drive but the fishing was quite cool and the sun didn’t bother. We stopped twice to make coffee and have a lunch. I believe you would have had as much fun as climbing the mountain at Regan’s Wells, and I doubt if you would have been as tired the following day. Had you been along probably I would not have caught the one fish, as some one couldn’t kill any squirrels when you went hunting with them. But I can assure you that the pleasure in having you on the trip would have been greater than any fish catching and that I would have tried to have you enjoy it.

It was mighty fine of you, Dear, to tell me just how you felt toward me and I appreciate the frankness and encouragement. I only wish that I could be with you lots and we could know one another better. I feel that I have known you always and there is no doubt in my mind, but I certainly want you to be sure of yourself and continue to have confidence in me. To know that you believe in me is mighty encouraging, and I am very happy to know that you haven’t had occasion to doubt me. I hope it will always be that way. I am sure that I’ll always love you, and there is no doubt in my mind. There isn’t another like you.

A man can tell if he loves a girl if he is sure of it before breakfast, and it was interesting to me that I met you at that time. Your last letter was written before breakfast and it was a real sweet one, which shows your disposition real well. As a rule folks don’t feel good until they have eaten and they are apt to show their ill feelings at an early hour. Should I have the opportunity I would try to be as good at that time as any other, and would want to be just as much of a sweetheart when I am old. I would always be proud of you and would try to always be good and kind.

It is raining quite hard now and I certainly hope that I’ll have lots of cases during the next two to three weeks so that my work will be in good shape and such that I can be in Uvalde. You don’t know how much I want to be with you, and I am hoping that Mr. Bishopp will ask me to come down there.

I love you,