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August 13, 1925

Jacksonville Beach, Fla.,
Thurs. Nite. Aug. 13, 1925.

My Dear Sweetheart,

Another real sweet letter this morning and I thoroughly enjoyed it. You certainly know what to say to hit the right spot with me, Dear, and best of all I know that you mean it. I consider myself mighty fortunate to have such a dear little girl. I have no idea of calling her “Mama,” for she is just right.

August 13, 1925

August 13, 1925

We are busy and the work is very interesting. It certainly made a difference in Dr. White when we started on this lead and I have enjoyed the past few days with him more than all the other time put together. I believe we are getting somewhere with the problem now and he feels the same way. It was amusing today, when a kid brought over a crab and wanted to know if we wanted it. Dr. White said “yes” but he told me that he took it just to make the kid feel encouraged. Have gotten the idea of crabs as carriers of creeping eruption out of his mind, and I believe he is not so much of a crab himself as he was when I wrote you such blue letters. He has been human the past few days and I believe he will be just fine from now until we are through.

He knows his stuff and I have been able to get him to open up some during the past few days. We had an understanding, without any hard feelings either way. He expects to be in Texas again this fall on the cotton disease, and maybe he will be here until he is ready to go there. He thinks it will be almost the 15th of next month.

The mosquitoes have been visitors with us recently and we found it necessary to get under some netting. Dr. White brought me some safety pins so I could pin it down well tonight. Last night I had to get up a few times and finally used a lotion. The cottage isn’t screened very well.

Haven’t been in the surf the past few days but I guess we will go down at about 5:30 in the morning. That is a mighty good time to go in.

I guess you think that I am never going to send the photos (Kodak) of the Dallas house, but I did not get the roll out of the Kodak until a few days ago. They should be back tomorrow and I’ll send them as soon as they come. Will send one of this cottage too.

Had a nice letter from Sister yesterday. She is a happy girl and wants me to know it. Says she is going to teach again this year, but it would seem to me that she has enough to do in keeping house. He is good to her and she always mentions it to me.

Had a letter from the Lab at Dallas and they are expecting Laake back about the 15th. This is quite a while for him to be away from the Mrs. and I have an idea that he is getting anxious to get back. His beer ought to be good when he gets there, and I reminded him to take one for me. Mrs. L had started a new lot when I was in Dallas so he will have quite a supply.

Will say “goodnight,” Dear, for I have no news. It is the same old story but I am going to tell you again. I love you with all my heart and you don’t know how much I wish for you.

With a real big hug and a sweet kiss,