September 25, 1925 (Walter)

Jacksonville Beach
Friday Night 9/26*.

My Dear Sweetheart,

The dream was interesting. If you should find a church social when we go to see my folks, it is almost certain that you will meet everybody and then some more. Since I have been away there are quite a few strangers to me who have moved there.

September 25, 1925 (Walter)

September 25, 1925 (Walter)

If Thelma and Reitha keep bringing cats to your home perhaps they will have to start a new series of names when they have used the hours of the day. Maybe it would be well to start on the days of the week. I think Friday would be such a lovely name for a cat. If he had this name, it would be well not to feed him meat, unless it was a K.K.K. Kat**.

My landlady is curious to know when I am going down the state. She is planning to leave soon and will be gone all winter. I’ll store everything except what I take with me, and will continue the work here after I have returned. It is so interesting that I do not like to leave it.

With a real sweet goodnight, and with all my love, I am,

Always your

* I’m assuming he means Friday, 25 September 1925.
** I don’t get it either. If any readers understand this joke please post a comment.

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  1. Jennifer Carrita

    Not sure what the KKK reference means but not feeding a cat named Friday meat probably refers to the Catholic ritual of meat-free Fridays.

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