September 24, 1925 (Walter)

Friday Night, 9/25*.

My Dear Sweetheart,

No letter tonight but I have been favored so well with them that I have no complaint at all. You have been real sweet to write so often. I am a bit lonesome now, and while I do not notice it so much during the day, when I am real busy, I wish for you at meal time and in the evenings. Usually, the pier is my hanging out place just after supper for about a half hour. It is cool out there and to watch the cars pass and the bathers enjoy the surf makes a restful pass time. They don’t dance every night now, but only about twice a week. There are fewer people in the surf than during the season.

September 24, 1925 (Walter)

September 24, 1925 (Walter)

It seems ages since I saw you and I”ll be a happy human when I can see you again. I love you, Dear, and sometime you will know how very much for I cannot express it in words.

With a sweet goodnight,


* This seems to be the letter from the 24th.