September 25, 1925 (Ina)

Friday Night
Sept. 25, 1925.

My dearest Walter:

I did get it – the “sleepy” letter, you know. I was mighty glad to have it too, because I hadn’t “heard your voice” in two days. ‘Twas music to my ears again.

I know you were thoroughly tired out and sleepy when you wrote Monday, and I can imagine the sweet sleep you enjoyed that night. Your account of the trip was interesting, and I would consider myself quite a fisherman if I could catch as many fish as you did. One is all that I have caught in my whole life, and it was such a small perch that it would really be cruel to even use it for bait. There is quite an art in fishing and I hope I can learn it sometime, but I will have to start with my A B C’s. Dr. K.S. certainly seems to have it down to perfection. It just seems natural with some people. You promised to teach me, didn’t you?

September 25, 1925 (Ina)

September 25, 1925 (Ina)

It was too bad about Dr. Ransom’s death. Yes, you told me of him when you were here. Dr. White is a very faithful correspondent. You seem to have made a mighty good friend of him, and I think it’s nice, especially as he tried your patience so much during his stay with you. It speaks well for your disposition and tact to be able to retain his friendship during such trying circumstances. Besides the pleasure and satisfaction of knowing that you still have him as a friend, you may derive a material benefit from it. No doubt he will use his influence in helping you when he has an opportunity to speak a good word. We hope he does, don’t we? Every little bit counts, you know.

I love you an awful lot tonight, Dear. I never love you less, and it seems like I love you more all the time. Here’s looking forward to the time when I can be with you always. My! but that will be fine.

Lovingly, your