July 1, 1924

Dallas, Texas
Tuesday PM

Dear Miss Lewis,

After spending the greater portion of the day in San Antonio, I was surprised to find that Dr. & Mrs. Roark had also been there all day. They left Uvalde Sunday AM and on arriving at S.A. the Doctor had an attack of stomach trouble which kept him in bed for two days. He seems to attribute it to the Mexican dinner, but please don’t mention it to Mrs. Parman as it would make her feel badly. It was not the dinner that caused it, but the condition of his stomach, as the rest of us enjoyed the dinner immensely and had no ill effects. Mrs. Roark tells how much she enjoyed the dinner and that it did not affect her in the least.

July 1, 1924

July 1, 1924

Mr. Bishopp was not in the city when I arrived, and we expect him to return from Omaha tomorrow. He was called there as a witness in Federal Court in a prosecution case. I am sure that my getting left in Uvalde will not be mentioned by himself, but I wouldn’t regret it if I had a severe reprimand. That, however, is not his nature. Mr. Laake says that he rather expected that I would miss the train.

I note from correspondence from Dr. Smith of Jacksonville Fla. that Mr. B and I are expected about July 20th. He has had about 20 cases recently and is sure that other physicians have had a good number. He enclosed a photo of a boy’s legs and feet which were in a severe condition. I believe I told you that this is some tropical form which has appeared in Florida the last two summers and we do not yet know what the cause is. Several Englishmen and Frenchmen have published works from the tropical sections and I am searching the literature on the subject. My French isn’t any too good, but I can handle it better than before the war.

Just now I am looking at property here with the view of trading in the Elgin to advantage. Whether I’ll get unimproved property or a residence, I do not know, but I am particular that I get something in East Dallas where the city is developing most rapidly.

I am to have dinner with Dr. & Mrs. Roark this evening and then we will probably go for a drive. I wish you were here to go with us as we would then have two couples.

Miss Ina I did not learn the day of your birth anniversary. Won’t you please tell me? I know that it is July and I meant to find out when I was there, but didn’t. I’d like to know.

I also hope that you will favor me with a letter real soon for I am anxious to hear from you.


Kindest regards to your Mother and Sister.