September 3, 1925

Thursday Nite 9/3.

My Dear Sweetheart,

No letter today but I am sure that it will be here tomorrow. The letter of yesterday was a real good one so I’ll read it some more.

There was a good crowd in the surf this afternoon and the water was fine. It was one of the days when a person will not get sun-burned and can enjoy it all the time.

September 3, 1925

September 3, 1925

There has been no excitement of any kind. Everything is quiet. If you like a quiet place for a honeymoon you will certainly like it down here. But I’ll try and keep you from being lonesome.

I love you, Dear, and while this letter is a short one, I always want to remind you of this fact.

With a sweet goodnight,

Yours always, & all ways,