August 31, 1925

Monday Nite
Aug. 31, 1925.

My dear Sweetheart:

Claudelle and I were among the guests at Eastern Star this evening. The occasion was the birthday of Robt. Morris, Founder of the organization. You, of course, being a member know more about that than I do. We had a very pleasant evening, and had the additional pleasure of coming home in a slow rain. We came back by Thelma’s and exchanged our evening dresses for some gingham ones and made our way home nicely, enjoying the drops of rain in our faces. It stopped and the moon came out as soon as we drove safely in the garage.

August 31, 1925

August 31, 1925

Mrs. Parman visited with us for a few minutes this morning soon after breakfast while Mr. Parman killed a rabbit for experiments. They were expecting Dr. Hunter on the ten o’clock train.

I was interested in what you said of real estate in Florida. It seems that the climate is the main drawing card and that is something that won’t change so it looks like there would always be somewhat of a boom, though of course it will not always remain at the height that it now stands. Of course I wouldn’t blame a person for not wanting to invest in everything in sight, but I can’t see that a few sane reasonable investments would be dangerous. After one has been down there for quite a while and studied and understood conditions he should be able to judge good and bad investments. I am not afraid of your going “wild” over it.

I love you most ardently Dear, and trust you in everything.

Always, your