August 30, 1925 (Walter)

Sunday PM.

My Dear Sweetheart,

We have just eaten lunch and found your letter at the P.O. when we went down. It was sweet of you to write just after you returned from the party Tuesday night. It looked as though you wanted to be sure that you wrote everyday. You have been wonderful to write so regularly, and all of your letters were just as sweet as they could be. I have observed one thing in particular about them, and that is, you never mentioned your worries or troubles, if you have any. I have not been so considerate of you for I have expressed just what was on my mind everytime I wrote to you. No doubt they bored you some. If they did, I am sorry for I want you to be happy.

August 30, 1925 (Walter)

August 30, 1925 (Walter)

Dr. White thinks that another week should put our work into pretty good shape or so that we could leave it. He is right about that for we have quite a bit going just now. I’ll probably be here for two or three days after he goes, and I rather expect that I will be down the state for about a month. I would rather be in one place, but I know that it is the right thing for me to do, to make a survey and see what they will do toward getting an appropriation. I am anxious to know what you think of the homestead idea, so I’ll know whether or not to investigate this at the same time. The idea would not appeal to me if the land was not so valuable down here, and since this is true, it might be worth while if I can locate something good. You can bet that I want a nice and comfortable place for you and I am keeping this in mind above everything else. We naturally want things and to accumulate, but I want you to enjoy life at the same time. I am going to do what I can to have you enjoy our married life. If you are happy, I’ll certainly be happy. If you are not happy, I’ll be more unhappy.

Sweetheart, you don’t know how much I love you. I’ll be the happiest man in the world when I can have you with me always. You are first in my thoughts and anything that I do, I have in mind getting something for you.

I’ll be mighty glad when we have our own home just like we want it, though I do not expect that we will have everything just that way. I believe a person should be contented but not satisfied. I’ll be contented to spend my life with you, but I’ll never be satisfied with what I can do for you.

I certainly do love you Sweetheart.