August 30, 1925 (Ina)

Sunday Nite
Aug. 30, 1925.

Dearest Walter:

We have returned from church where we heard a splendid sermon preached by a Dr. Curry who holds some office in our conference but I don’t know what it is. His subject was “The World is Setting Better” and it made us all feel good as we so often hear things to the contrary. His arguments were good, and, as I have always been constitutionally opposed to pessimism, I especially enjoyed it.

Your letter of Wednesday night came this morning and everything was lovely the rest of the day. The days on which I receive a letter from you seem so vastly different from the ones on which I don’t. So you see your epistles work like magic.

August 30, 1925 (Ina)

August 30, 1925 (Ina)

Thelma went to San Antonio yesterday and returned this evening I suppose, so Thelma Lee and Reitha have been staying with us. We enjoy having them so much, but Thelma doesn’t like for them to stay away from her long at a time. They like to come often, but are inclined to want to be at home with Mother when night begins to come. They seem to grow more and more that way as they get older. She is glad of it, too.

I love you Sweetheart, an awful lot and always will. A year ago I wouldn’t have believed it if anyone had told me that I could love anyone as much as I do you. I’m so happy.

I love you.