August 29, 1925

Saturday Night. 8/29

My Dear Sweetheart,

Your letter did not come today, but I have tomorrow to look forward to as they always come. You are a wonderful correspondent, and nothing pleases me more than to get your letter. They always make me wish that I could give you a hug or in some way let you know that I appreciate them.

I do not know just when I will go down the state, as it depends upon how well I can get away for the trip and also I do not want to go until Dr. White leaves. He had a letter from Texas today which indicated that the work was of such a status that a visit by him would not be necessary at this time. I guess he will go to Washington from here and apparently he is in no hurry about it. He rather likes it here. I hope to make a plan pretty soon, but I rather think that he will be here all of next week. I told him tonight that I would need about a month down the state and that the sooner I could go the better it would be. He thinks that I should try for the papropriation for the fiscal year after the one beginning next July on account of the President’s economy policy. I know that it will be difficult to get one through for next year but I believe it can be done if the right tactics are used. I guess he has an idea that if I am not on a definite project next year, that possibly he could be here and work with me on C.E. again, but I have an idea that he and I will not work together again if it can be worked any other way. No doubt you get tired of my telling you about him and my troubles and I guess I shouldn’t do it, but I feel that I’d like to have you know about everything, even though some of them are not the most pleasant in the world.

August 29, 1925

August 29, 1925

There is something else I want to talk with you about, and I want to know just how you feel about it. The land in Florida is booming all over the state and where it has a water front it commands fancy prices. There are a few places in which the land has never been “taken up” under the homestead act and I understand that some are desirable though the acreage is not large & all are three miles or more from ocean fronts. Some of the tracts appear to be on or near rivers or lakes and some are located near real good roads. What I have in mind, is that I might keep an eye open when I make this trip and arrange to see what these places look like. If they look good, considering values of nearby properties and elevations, it would not cost much to file for some. To “prove up” requires three years, but my Army service would count and this would mean about 18 months. That would leave about a year and a half and I believe they require 7 months residence during each year. It would not seem a difficult matter to spend that much time on a place which looked as though it would be something when I got through “proving up.” As far as my work is concerned I believe that any arrangement which I would care to make would be satisfactory with Mr. Bishopp. As a matter of fact, the location for the Lab will be left to me anyway. The idea may not appeal to you, Dear, and when you think of it, please remember that I would not consider it if it is contrary to your wishes. If I did not believe that the land would be worth something when we had it I would not want to take the chance and trouble. I love you too much to take you where you would not have a pretty good place to live, and I intend to give you a good home. What gives me this idea is the fact that the land any place in the state is increasing very rapidly, and that on the interior, bordering lakes, it has sold for big prices. The Northern capital is coming to the state and values can’t help but increase. I feel that if there is an opportunity, I don’t want to let it go by for I want to accumulate enough to give you a home and all the comforts that go with one.

Don’t think that I am ready to file now or that I have an idea of taking you to a poor place to live, for I have no such ideas. I simply want to know how you feel about the idea. I expect to discuss all matters with you, Dear, before I take any action and I want you to tell me just what you think. I know that you will, and that is another thing that I love you for.

I love you above everyone and everything else and I want you to know it. I’ll be the happiest person in the world when I can have you with me always.

Yours – only & always,