June 17, 1925

This undated letter was misfiled with a later set, so I’m posting it now (8 September 2011) and backdating the post. Sorry for any confusion.

Wednesday Nite.

Dearest Walter:

I have been trying ever since you left to write to you, but I couldn’t very well do it and take notes on class work at the same time. I didn’t think I would ever write to you with a pencil, but my fountain pen, with several other things that I intended to bring, is peacefully at rest in Uvalde. Maybe I can borrow one at the post office to address the letter. Most of the crowd went on Mount Wesley this evening after the lecture for games and campfire, but I preferred writing.

June 17, 1925 (Ina)

June 17, 1925 (Ina)

We are taking only five courses, and these, in addition to committee meetings, special services, study periods etc. keep us more than busy. I should be studying right now since I haven’t read half my assignments for tomorrow, and I will not have a minute before classes, but, do we care? What I want most right now is to be with you. I had ten thousand times rather be with you than to listen to lectures, go to campfires or anything. It is certainly fortunate for me that there will be no exams here, because just as my instructor reaches the most eloquent point in his discourse my mind is back in Uvalde on Mr. Lewis’ front porch in the swing with my favorite Bird. If it were left with me, I would set sail at once. It seems like an age since I saw you, and I feel like I am losing so much time that I could spend with you. Now, of course these preachers, instructors etc. would thoroughly appreciate my attitude if they knew it.

I thought of you so much on your trip home. I surely do hope you found a better road going back than the one we had coming over. You don’t know how I appreciated the way you had the car fixed for me, and the candy ‘neverything. I divided candy with the Uvalde crowd, and they thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated it. You are just as sweet as you can be to me. I don’t deserve it, but I do love you so, and always will.

Thursday P.M.

I had so many interruptions last night when I was writing you that they ordered the lights out before I could finish.

I have already been to morning watch, and must go to classes now. Will try to write a better letter later.

I love you lots and lots and lots.