August 20, 1925

Jacksonville Beach, Fla,

Thursday Night.

My Dear Sweetheart,

It came at noon today. A mighty good one too. It certainly seems longer than six weeks to me since I left Uvalde and I agree with you that it has seemed to be about six months. It was real sweet of you to say that the early portion of November would suit you, or either before or after the Dallas meeting. Don’t let me do the suggesting on the date, Dear, for you have a perfect right to set the time which suits you best. I mentioned it as a possibility only, and I want you to know that I feel that this is a matter for you to decide and you can have it when you want it. I’ll gladly tell you as far in advance as it is possible, what time would seem to fit in as convenient, and you can set the time you want. I consider that the question of the date should be the girl’s privilege. I certainly don’t want to be old maidish enough to want the say so on everything, for I have been experiencing some of this with my co-worker. I have made some pledges to myself that I am going to try and not be that way, especially with you.

August 20, 1925

August 20, 1925

One reason why I suggested about the trunk was on account of the possibility of coming direct to Florida and in which event there would be little use for one. I don’t intend to do an awful lot of traveling, but I do want you with me when I have some to do. Most of it will probably be in the state so that we really wouldn’t need one. It seems that I have an awful lot of luggage as it is, and I sometimes wonder where we will find attic and closet room for a lot of it. I agree with you in that trunks are not ornamental.

I am posting a letter to Texas for Dr. White tonight in which he tells them that he expects to leave about the latter part of the month. I can’t say that he has helped very much, but the fact that he was here and is an MD adds some prestige. I don’t expect to have him down here with me again, nor any other person showing symptoms of laziness and eagerness to get in on the credit end of the problem. We haven’t pushed the problem ahead any, and what we have done has been more of a confirmation of some of my results down here last spring and at Dallas just after that. The laboratory technique from Johns Hopkins was about the same as what I picked up in literature while in Washington. When he leaves, I’ll have the thing to work out. I expect to go down the state about the same time that he leaves, and after about a month down there I’ll probably pick up the problem here and push it. I think I can get Mr. Bishopp to consent to my staying with it all winter and spring. I believe this is the thing to do. We have some animals infected, or at least we hope they are infected but we have not been able to produce creeping eruption with the infection. Possibly, we haven’t tried the right stages and maybe we have not made the conditions just right. It looks as though we have the right thing, but it remains to be seen. It looks like the same thing I worked with during the spring.

It is getting late, Dear, and I am going down town so that this will get off on the early train tomorrow A.M.

I love you Sweetheart and I’d give most anything if I could hug you real hard right now.

Good night, Dear, and sweet dreams.

Always your,