August 14, 1925 (Walter)

Jacksonville Beach, Fla.,
Friday Night.

My Dear Sweetheart,

Things are going just fine and we had a good and busy day. Tomorrow will also be a busy one and I guess we have about all we can do as long as we want to work with it. Dr. White was describing the girl whom he thought would be ideal, and when he finished I told him that there was no other like you. At least I have never found one who could take your place in my heart. I certainly do love you sweetheart.

The photos did not come today.

August 14, 1925 (Walter)

August 14, 1925 (Walter)

We went in the surf at about 5:45 this morning and the water was fine. We are going to try it again tomorrow morning. It gives me a real good appetite for breakfast. I am weighing 200 now which is a few pounds less than when I left Uvalde. I note what you said about your weight. I’ll bet that you gain 10 lbs when you come to Florida. Most of the girls look fat down here. But you could gain and still be real pretty, though I could not suggest any change in you, Dear. You are just right in every way and I wouldn’t change you one bit if it were possible.

You don’t know how happy I am that I have your love, Dear, for I love you better than I ever dreamed I could love anyone. Here’s hoping that we will always love equally as much, and I certainly hope that I’ll never do anything to cause you to love me less. I am going to do all I can to make you happy and I am going to be as good to you as I know how. I only wish I could give you more when we are starting out, but just the same we will have the fun of making a home and accumulating. At the same time I hope that we will both enjoy life.

You did not mention in your letter whether either of the men who were married in Uvalde, wore “scisssor tail” coats (evening dress). Personally I wouldn’t feel very comfortable in one, but just as you say. Have you thought of what kind of a wedding you want, Dear? This is for you to decide and you can do this so that it is just the way you want it. The important part to me is that I will participate in it. Your Mother can probably suggest the most suitable place and help you to decide. The idea of an afternoon or day time wedding and then leave as soon as it is over would strike me fine. But suit yourself, Dear.

With a real sweet goodnight and with all my love, I am,

Always your