July 31, 1925

Friday Night.
July 31, 1925.

Dearest Walter:

You will notice that this is Friday. Furthermore, the wind blew a large mirror we had hanging on the back porch down, breaking it. Now are you ready for the “hard luck” story? Well, while we were down town this afternoon getting the gasoline tank filled the starter refused to work and, after careful examination, the man announced very calmly, that I would have to buy a new battery. Oh, it was only around $35.00 for a Willys-Knight. I didn’t quite faint because I realized that I had had the car for over a year and a half and this was the first expense. However, paying $35.00 for a battery without any warning whatsoever didn’t appeal to my sense of humor, nor was it my idea of a good time. He put in another one and said he would try to charge mine but didn’t think it was strong enough to stand it. I left him with prayers that it would. So that’s that.

July 31, 1925

July 31, 1925

We were at Thelma’s for a short while this evening and Mrs. Parman and Miss Zoe came over. Mrs. Parman told me of the letter they had just received from you and of what she had written you in reply to what you had said of Mervin’s roping etc. She told me to tell you that she thought she had saved Merwin the trouble of helping you rope the “dear” as she had already helped accomplish it. She is almost like a child in her enthusiasm over something she has helped to accomplish. I love to see her enjoy it so much, and am mighty glad that she can get so much genuine pleasure out of our happiness, aren’t you? I like Mrs. Parman so much and I am sure that she would be a great deal happier if she would think of pleasant, happy things instead of the unhappy and unfortunate things on which her mind dwells so much of the time. Her many years of ill health of course have caused this state of mind.

Sweetheart, I am awfully sorry you are having such a time with Dr. White. I am glad you told me of it because, as I have often told you, I am interested in everything you are interested in, and I want you to feel as free to tell me your difficulties as you do to tell me your pleasures. That will draw us closer to one another because, as we know the likes and dislikes of one another we can have a clearer understanding. Dear, I love you so much that I want to live your life with you with all its ups and downs. I don’t want you to feel like you should keep any of them as a secret from me, because you mean the world and all to me. You just don’t know how very, very much I do love you. How I do wish you were here right now! But, back to the subject of Dr. White. I don’t blame you for resenting some of the things he does, especially if he is trying to get more of the credit for himself. You have worked hard on it and certainly deserve all the credit you have gotten – and then some, and it is certainly not true to human nature to sit quietly back while someone else steps in and tries to walk (I suppose the word “walk really expresses too swift action for Dr. White, but I can’t think of a more approproiate word unless it is “creep” and I imagine you have heard C.E. so much that you are tired of it) away with the laurels. I’m for you strong. I sincerely hope it will come out all right and I believe it will.

Goodnight and sweet dreams.

Lots of love,

Saturday night.
Aug. 1, 1925.

My dearest Walter:

A broken mirror on Friday does not mean bad luck. Papa ‘phoned the garage this afternoon and inquired after the health of the battery and they said there was nothing wrong with it – only a wire broken, a loose connection or something. Anyhow, everything’s lovely.

It is so nice and cool tonight. We have been on the verge of scorching for several days but last night we were blessed with a tub full of rain water (I washed my head in it and can’t do a thing with it) and it has been lots cooler ever since. It is so nice and cool tonight that I believe a blanket will be comfortable. It reminds me of autumn and gives me a thrill of joy when I realize that today is the beginning of a new month that brings me a month nearer you.

In one of your letters a short time ago you were afraid I was missing dates with others. It reminded me of a few evenings ago when I was sitting very quietly and thoughtfully in the moonlight. I was thinking of you, but I believe Mama had an idea I was wanting a date because she said “Ina, don’t you wish you had a date?!” I told her that I did want one with you and you only. Although I value the friendship of my other gentlemen friends, I don’t care a thing in the world about having dates with them any more. I want you. Don’t worry. I am not going to change my mind. I love you and am going to love you always and no one else matters. I am going to be true to you.

With all my love forever, I am,

Your loving