July 30, 1925

Thursday Night
11 50 PM

My Dear Sweetheart,

If this letter smells like shrimp I won’t be surprised.* We went out to Dr. KS home and all of us spent about an hour on the river fishing for shrimp with a net. Then we helped prepare them & fix some shrimp cocktails. Have just returned from there, and thoroughly enjoyed the lunch. To prepare them was a tedious task, but I wanted to know how to do it so I could tell you. May be you already know, but I have an idea that I can tell you all about it provided you don’t know.

July 29, 1925 (Walter)

July 29, 1925 (Walter)

Your letter of this noon gave me a real kick to have you call me Sweetheart. It was the first time I had ever been called that, and Dear I have never called anyone that except yourself. I only wish I knew some name I could call you which would be a little stronger than this. I certainly do love you Sweetheart and I guess I’ll always want to be with you as much as possible.

I note that you address me as Dr sometimes. It is OK to say Mr, as KS understands and my mail at his office usually comes as Mr. I rather feel that I get a title to which I am not entitled, but I am called that most of the time. Even Dr. White gives me the title down here. It doesn’t make any difference, so suit yourself. (Sweetheart sounds nicer).

I am glad that you enjoyed Hondo. Somehow I feel better when I know that you are wearing the ring, as I feel that someone will not be so apt to think that he has a chance for you.

Must go to sleep as I am about that point now. I love you, Dear, with all my heart and I’ll try to always be a sweetheart of yours.


500 Prof. Bldg.

*It does not smell like shrimp. Having been stored with some old “Kodak Safety Film” 16mm movies (now archived at Johns Hopkins University), it and all of the other letters smell like vinegar.