July 29, 1925 (Walter)

Jacksonville, Fla., 7/29.
Wednesday Night.

My Dear Sweetheart,

I didn’t get a letter today, but I have been so fortunate in getting them so often, that I realize it when I miss one. But I know that you thought of me and that you still love me, so I feel mighty good just the same. You have certainly written often and the sweetest letters in the world too. Gee, but I love you.

July 29, 1925 (Walter)

July 29, 1925 (Walter)

It is now about 11 o’clock. We have been adding another plate of illustrations in the article and have been arranging and trimming them tonight. I hope we will get everything in the mail tomorrow, but it is a slow job and Dr. White simply won’t be hurried. After we insisted on publishing in full, he consented, but he is most critical. I hope I won’t be that way when you are living with me. He wants everything just as he has always arranged them when he published his early papers, and while I don’t believe they are any better than the way we had them, we want to be agreeable. The funny thing is that K.S. and I feel the same way and tell him so, and he and I have not previously discussed it. He is a real good man, but he is careful and slow in the superlative degree. I have told him that persons who never make mistakes are ones who never do anything, and that even the Bible and the Declaration of Independence have some things which would sound better changed. I don’t make him angry but tell what I think in a kidding way. I can tell him just what I believe without hurting his feelings. I like him but I would like him much better if he were not so much of an old maid.

I should go down the state as soon as possible, but I intend to stay with Dr. White as long as he is here. He will probably be here until the middle of August. After that time I believe that I can go down there and get things shaped up. If it is so that I can go before then I’ll do so, for I want to direct the efforts of those folks who want the Bureau to work down there. You are going to like it in Fla., Dear, and I am going to like it more when you are here with me.

With a sweet goodnight and with all my love,