July 20, 1925 (Ina)

Monday Nite
July 20, 1925.

My dearest Walter:

It is almost eleven o’clock but I want to say a few words to you before going to dreamland. In fact, I would give – oh, I don’t know how much if I could say lots and lots of words to you in person to-night. It is in the evening that I miss you most because that is when I have been with you most.

We (Mama, Papa, Claudelle and I) have just returned from a visit with Thelma and Bob and the children. We enjoyed the evening very much. They told us that Mr. and Mrs. Parman had just bought the place where Thelma and Bob are living. However, they expect to continue renting it I think. It surprised me a great deal when I heard of the purchase as I thought Mr. Parman was anxious to sell the home he and Mrs. Parman are in and that perhaps he was thinking of leaving Uvalde. He must feel settled here though.

July 20, 1925 (Ina)

July 20, 1925 (Ina)

Well, I suppose the clinic closed to-day and perhaps you are glad. I imagine you feel that you have enough material now on which to work for quite a while.

Your Thursday and Friday night letters came and I enjoyed every word of them. (I didn’t stop at reading them only once either). I know you are mighty busy and you are certainly doing well to write me as often as you do. That makes me appreciate the letters all the more.

Two weeks ago yesterday you left Uvalde and it seems ages and ages. I think of you and wish for you so very, very much and will be so happy when I can see you again and can be with you always.

Walter, I know you do think I go to church an awful lot. Mama thinks so too. She has threatened to send my trunk there so that it will be more convenient to attend all the services. But, seriously, the church here is the center of Claudelle’s and my social life as well as religious. In Uvalde if a girl doesn’t dance, there is no place for her to go except to the picture show, to church and church socials. Don’t misunderstand me by thinking I am placing the church as a last resort, because I’m not, but I am just explaining why I go so often. Of course, when we attend these services regularly, they give us responsibilities which make it almost necessary for us to attend regularly in order not to be a “shirker.” I enjoy the work and everything but would be equally happy without so much of it. I would not have the slightest intention of keeping up such a strenuous routine after I married, no matter whom I married (unless it were a minister, and I have never intended to do that), so you need not worry about my expecting to camp at the church. I think you understand the situation and I am sure we will not have any “falling out” on that score (or any other, are we?) I’ll prove it to you some time if you want me to.

Goodnight and pleasant dreams.

I love you lots and lots.

Always, your