July 19, 1925 (Walter)

Sunday Night.
9 PM.

My Dear Sweetheart,

It was a lucky thing that I gave you the hotel address, as I received your letter this morning. Otherwise I would not have received it until tomorrow morning. Believe me I wanted to get it as soon as possible. It was a mighty sweet one too, Dear, and I enjoyed every word. I guess I have been so interested in you and in telling you that I loved you that I have not told you much of my work.

While the clinic is new to Dr. White it is not new to me as it is largely a repetition of last summer. I believe that Dr. White had an idea that I wrote too much on last year’s work and it seems to be a check on what I have done. However, he agrees with me most every night on points mentioned in the paper. I do not believe that anyone requested him to check on me, but he wants to feel sure as he is one of the authors.

July 19, 1925 (Walter)

July 19, 1925 (Walter)

The paper will be published in full, but at Dr. White’s suggestion we are re-arranging the data to some extent. The subject matter remains the same but the re-arrangement will improve it. Dr. White has a set form in his writing and sticks to it rather closely and if he likes it better we won’t argue it. I’ll see that the data is given in full. He has one idea that we should discuss it from a point of transmission of the disease and as we can more easily claim the field from this standpoint, I agree with him. I hope to keep the problem on this ground, and with possession of the problem I believe I can invite co-operation and go as far as necessary without getting on the toes of some other Bureau. There are definite studies made by the different Bureaus but some of the problems overlap and creeping eruption happens to be one of those problems. This summer’s work may open up a considerable field in transmission of the disease which we may easily claim and get some money to do the work. I am going down the state just the same and lay claim to the work which naturally belongs to our division. I cannot say whether I’ll get to go down there when Dr. White is here as we are apt to have quite a bit of experimental work going on about the time he returns to Wash & I doubt if both of us can leave at one time. I’ll probably go down there after this work is in shape. If you were here we would go down there together and when you did not care to spend the day outside with me, you could stay at the hotel or do shopping or whatever you wanted to do. I am glad that you do like to get outside some, for we can have some mighty good times this way, when I have some scouting to do. I’ll want to be with you most all the time, for I love you so much.

I guess Dr. White is about asleep. We will have a big crowd tomorrow.

I love you, Dear, with all my heart, and I certainly wish I were with you right now.

With a sweet goodnight,