July 19, 1925 (Mr. & Mrs. Lewis)

Uvalde Tex.

Dear Mr. Dove:

Your letter was received several days ago. It did not come as a surprise to us as Ina had told us of the plans you both had made.

Of course Mr. Dove, you understand that it is very natural for parents to object to thinking of giving up their daughter. We are not going to consider it as giving Ina up but, instead, we will think of it as taking you in as a member of our family. We knew Ina would want to marry some time, and, as we have been with you a great deal and like and admire you very much and your friends have said so many complimentary things about you, we do not know of any young man we had rather receive into our family.

July 19, 1925 (Mr. & Mrs. Lewis)

July 19, 1925 (Mr. & Mrs. Lewis)

It is awfully hard to think of our daughter leaving home. However we know you will do your part in making her happy. We know, beyond any doubt, that she cares more deeply for you than she ever has for anyone. You both are congenial, and this, with your devotion for her makes us feel that you both will be happy.

You have our consent, our sincere wishes for your & Ina’s happiness, & our blessing.

Yours sincerely,
Mr. & Mrs. J.N. Lewis