July 17, 1925 (Walter)

Friday Night.

My Dear Sweetheart,

We had 99 patients today, though all of them were not creeping eruption and the C.E. were not all new cases. However, all had to have attention, and more than half were ones in which we were interested. I have no doubt but that I can go to sleep in a few minutes when I go up-stairs. We were too busy in work to know what has been going on on the outside. But I always think of you, Dear, and occasionally I interrupt Dr. White to show him some girl who is about your size, or who resembles you in some way. He now has a pretty good idea of you and he always says that he thinks that you are about right. When he tells me about his idea of a wife I usually exchange ideas with him and then tell him of you.

July 17, 1925 (Walter)

July 17, 1925 (Walter)

I hope you are feeling good, Dear, and that you are as comfortable from the weather as we are. It was so cool last night that we needed cover. Dr. White thinks the climate is much more delightful than that at Washington, Mrs. Bishopp says it has been sizzling hot up there.

This is a short letter and almost “a daily dozen” of lines to you, but I hope you will understand that I love you just as much and I want you more than ever.

With a sweet goodnight,

Always your

P.S. I love you.