July 16, 1925 (Ina)

Thursday Evening
July 16, 1925.

My dearest Walter:

Your Monday letter came this afternoon, and altho it was brief, I enjoyed it all. In fact, I get great pleasure out of reading every word you write. I am sure you enjoyed the dinner with Dr. and Mrs. Kirby-Smith. I think it’s mighty nice that you are associated with them in a social way as well as in a professional way. It makes it all so much more interesting and pleasant.

July 16, 1925 (Ina)

July 16, 1925 (Ina)

Claudelle, Thelma and I enjoyed a very pleasant afternoon at a shower honoring Roxie Miller, Mr. Lee’s fiancee. There was quite a crowd and she received lots of beautiful and useful gifts. After the opening and inspecting of the gifts, several tables of bridge and forty-two were arranged. I played forty-two since I knew more about it than bridge. We all had a good time. I did especially, because I am very much interested in everything that concerns a bride or a wedding now. I felt so happy for Roxie and sincerely hoped that she was as happy as I am, and, more important still, will be when my wedding day is as near as hers. They are to be married next Tuesday morning and expect to leave at once for Galveston and Brownsville where some of his relatives live.

When we returned home we found Avis Fisher Bunton, her husband and her little six month old boy. Avis is my chum that you have heard me speak of often. She saw my ring and thought it was beautiful. Everyone who sees it thinks so too, and you don’t know how proud I am of it. Every time I look at it (and that is most of the time) I think of you. Your sister expressed the right sentiment when she said that it would be nice for me to have the ring to enjoy while you are gone. Oh, yes, I got off the subject didn’t I. Speaking of Avis, she said she was glad I was going to be married as she thought that was really the only life. She said she had been happier the past year and a half than she had ever been before even though it had been under adverse circumstances. Lucius, her husband, is a ranchman, and has suffered heavy losses in sheep and everything this year. Avis had never had to do much work before her marriage, but she certainly has done it cheerfully since then. Lucius and a cousin of Avis were in partnership in the ranching business about twenty miles from Del Rio, and it was a sure enough partnership too. The cousin and his wife lived in the house with Avis, Lucius and baby and they had everything together – even the cooking, so I suppose you know the rest. There was a “falling-out,” Lucius sold his part and they are now living in Del Rio. In spite of all this, they are happy as far as their relation to each other is concerned and are certainly a devoted husband and wife.

Reitha is spending the night with us and is constantly chattering away in the “unknown tongue.” She is as sweet as can be when she tries, but, as Thelma Lee says “she can be so naughty” with great emphasis on the “so.”

I know you were glad to see Mrs. Gallagher and the children. It was almost like going home again, wasn’t it? I am sure they are sorry you can’t be with them much while you are in Jacksonville this time. I am anxious to meet them, because I am sure I will like them.

I still love you as much as ever and then some more. I wish I could be with you right now.

Always, your devoted