July 15, 1925 (Walter)

Letterhead from the Seneca Hotel, “N.H. Schoonover, Prop.”

Wednesday Night.

My Dear “Honey Bunch,”

Your real sweet letter of the 10th and 11th “hit the right spot” and it was a nice long one too. It made me feel ashamed of my note of a few nights ago. I have been busy, Dear, and I know that you realize it. Also I am sure that you realize that I love you so much and that I will be the happiest man in the world when I can have you with me.

It is 11:15 PM. Have just written Mr. Bishopp the first letter since I arrived here. I tried to write him pretty fully.

Dr. White and I room together and we discuss creeping eruption from early morning until late at night. Sometimes it would be nice to talk about something else, but it is difficult to change the subject.

Mrs. H & Evalyn went to Minneapolis and then to Aberdeen S Dak, their home. E. wrote to my mother after they returned and told her how mean I was not to let them come to Uvalde. She asked Mother to send the letter to Sister, but I destroyed it when it was sent to me here. Sister already knows all about it. I have not written and I don’t intend to. They had my “say” several months ago, and in a way I am glad that their plan of coming to Texas didn’t work. They evidently figured that I would be courteous and that they would come to Dallas and take me by surprise.

I am sending prints of the Kodak pictures but they didn’t seem to come out right. Looks as though the shooting wasn’t straight.

Remember that I love you with all my heart, Dear, and that I think of you many many times every day. I stop Dr. White from discussing C.E. and tell him about you. He thinks you are just right. Says he is going to get married too, but he doesn’t know when nor to whom.

I love you

Seneca Hotel.