July 7, 1925 (Walter)

July 8, Tues. Night.*

My Dear Sweetheart,

All set, and everything is packed. Leaving at 11 PM and connections are good. Should reach Jax Thursday night 8:45. Couldn’t possibly get away sooner, and had it not been for Mr. Gingell who helped me pack I probably would not have had a breathing spell. He helped as though it were his own stuff and I certainly appreciate it. He was the one who got the bunch together to help me at our house last spring. He is a drug inspector and makes headquarters here. Is a mighty nice chap.

July 7, 1925

July 7, 1925

I have packed just about everything that I claim at the lab, for I have learned that everything here becomes common property. Everyone feels pretty free to use anything here. I’ll store most of the stuff in Florida and we won’t have to move it from here when we go down there. I could do a better job moving it now, than I could when I go with you. Besides, it might be that we would not care to come back via Dallas before going to Fla.

Have a surprise. Had dinner in our house tonight. I went by to leave a plumbing fitting and was invited to eat with them. Met Mr. Goodman. Both are lovely people and the kind I believe you would like. The dinner was not a special one, but it was served in our breakfast room. You don’t know how I enjoyed it, though I had hoped that my first meal there would be with you. You can bet that I thought of you, Dear. Mrs. Goodman says that it is very cool there, despite the fact that it has been hot here. She says that they can open the windows only about two inches at night as the breeze is so strong.

I’ll write from Jax as soon as I arrive. You are apt to hear from me real often. You mean everything to me and I can’t help but love you lots and lots and lots.



* The 8th was a Wednesday, so I’m assuming this letter was actually written on the 7th.