March 24, 1925

Dallas, Texas,
March 24, 1925

Dear Ina,

I am mighty glad to get back and everything looks good to me. Had a wonderful time at Jax and the work was very interesting but short. I hated to leave there so soon, as a week passed before I realized it. I have plenty to keep me busy and out of mischief while here and I am expected to help the other fellows some. As this includes a trip to Uvalde, I will welcome it with open arms. I have wanted to see you for some time, and before many weeks I hope to come down.

March 24, 1925

March 24, 1925

I had used a sheet of this stationery to write a little 6 yr. old girl at Jax, daughter of my landlady there. She admired the stationery and had kept it as a treasure. Had a letter from my French boy not long ago, and he has made a wonderful improvement in school.

I went out to see the cottage this afternoon and everything is fine. It has not been rented, as I am particular as to whom I get to live there. The Japanese (Yon-o-mus) (I can’t spell it) shrubs were winter killed but all are coming out again. One of the Arba vitas (I can’t spell this either) will have to be replaced. I was surprised to find that the fixtures and even the water hose were not stolen, as I rather expected that I would have to replace them. The floors are pretty dusty as it seems to have been inspected during my absence. The neighbors have probably looked it over.

Had to stop writing when “Bobbie” brought his youngster over. He is a friend of mine and the boy is about a year old. A real pretty baby. A little time makes a great many changes. I am waiting for another boy friend to come by. He has been married and divorced since we three ran together. He made a mistake and they became divorced.

This is Wednesday night as Alvis and I visited until 1:30 this morning and I have just gotten back to finish this letter. He is the best boy friend I have ever had, and I always look forward to seeing him.

Have gotten started on my work here and I am anxious to get further developments for the Amer. Med. report in May. If I get it worked up like I want to, there will be little left to interest another Bureau. However, we will have to invite one to join us next summer, but most of the joy will be taken out of the problem before then.

Just before I left Wash. I had Sheetz to mail you some Martha Washington candy. I thought I had better tell you, or you might think that the other fellow sent them. The one who went squirrel hunting with you.

I am anxious to see you and I’ll be glad when the time comes to come down there. I hope I can see you more than I did last year. It sounds good to me that you are going to take a vacation.

With very best wishes,