January 30, 1925

Washington, D.C.
Jan 30, 1925

Dear Ina,

I really would love to hear from you more often but you would not believe it from the lapse of time since I received your letter. Since I arrived here the middle of November I have been on the job almost constantly, evenings and Sundays included. I have seriously neglected my correspondence, so please don’t feel that I did it intentionally. I have thought of you a great many times and I wish that I could see you. I am sorry that you have been disappointed in me, but I hope you will understand when I see you.

January 30, 1925

January 30, 1925

I have had hopes of returning and it takes so much more time than I had anticipated. If I can get away by March 1st I will be doing well. Mr. Bishopp suggested that he would like to have me in Dallas at that time, and I am anxious to get back. Then I’ll be anxious to come to Uvalde.

We are well pleased with the progress of the Florida work and feel that we have a real contribution to make at the American Med Assn next June. It has been a long tedious job to run down the cause, but we have it and find the same thing whenever we find one. I am now sectioning a piece of tissue taken from the back of a little Jew boy*. The piece was divided into twelve pieces, and each of these will average about a thousand sections. That will be twelve thousand sections from one piece of tissue, which was about the size of a half dollar when removed. They are mounted on slides of about 18 to each, but each slide goes through about 20 solutions. I am glad that I took most of the sections about the size of a finger nail.

I will be anxious to hear from you,


* Please see the new note on political correctness on the “About” page.