August 23, 1941

Sat. A.M.
Aug. 23, 1941.

Dearest Sweetheart:

Tommy is 7 months old today. I don’t know how much he weighs, but he is a heap big man. He sits alone on the floor and plays now. No doubt it will not be long before he crawls. He really is a very fine baby.

August 23, 1941

August 23, 1941

Honey, I employed a Mexican girl to come at 8 o’clock every morning and stay until she washes the dishes after noon. During that time she cleans the house (at least she cleans as much as Mama will let her), and does most of the boys’ and my laundry. I pay her $3.00 a week, although I had a hard time persuading Mama to let me do it.

I must say you were smart to do all of that laundry. I can’t imagine ironing that many shirts.

It is definitely summer time here, but 108ยบ here doesn’t seem as hot as the Panama City temperatures.

We are going to see Reitha this afternoon. She brought her baby to see us when it was a month old. Last Sunday afternoon she carried W.W., L.D., and me to a show. Mama talked to her over the ‘phone this A.M., and she said tell you “hello.” She seems to be happy. Bolivar is making $30 a week keeping books for the construction company at the new air school here, and says he is in line for another raise. He started at $20 per week, was soon raised to $25, and now to $30.

Mama said to tell you she is very proud of your boys, and that she wishes you could take your vacation now in “good, cool Uvalde.”

A few afternoons ago Papa carried W.W., L.D., and me to the Nueces at the La Pryor crossing. The children could only wade though, because the water that was not real shallow was much too deep for them. He plans to take us all to Garner Park Sunday afternoon for a swim and a picnic supper.

Honey, will you please find out how early in Sept. the grammar schools open? The high school opens a week before the others, I believe. Uvalde schools are changing from 11 to 12 grades this year. We have 12 in Panama City. The work here will be rearranged in the grammar grades.

I do hope the control project has been arranged by now.

It is time for the postman.

We think of you lots and wish for you.

Lots of love,

P.S. Have the sweeper and the ice cream freezer come? The freezer is not paid for because there had been difficulty in getting that item, and the lady in the Panama City Sears office thought it best to have it shipped to that office C.O.D.