January 10, 1940

Stationery from the Hotel Shirley-Savoy, Denver, CO – “Home of KLZ.”

Wednesday PM.

My dear Ina & Boys,

The meetings are over and most of the folks have gone home. Strong, Gaddis and some of the state men are here yet. Think Strong will leave tonight. My speech was well received and I have had some good compliments on it from state leaders. Strong says he is pleased. The group gave me a rising vote of thanks for the good work of the last two years and this brought a good statement from Strong. I had requested a return to research and that I was one of the very best research men in the Bureau, that he had asked me to consider carefully. My request was being granted but he had an idea that I was going to find the contrast so great that I would now want more action. He said that should I make such a decision the Bureau would have a control job for me because they had many such projects. State leaders have shown a very appreciative spirit toward me and from one source I am told that a committee will record in a rather permanent way this high point in my career. I imagine a published resolution.

January 10, 1940

January 10, 1940

The meetings have gone as Strong and Gaddis planned them, but there was a very close approach to an explosion from state leaders. The Bureau still spends the money and supervises the work of its agents. It did permit a Committee from State leaders to handle any difficulties arising in any state-Bureau difficulty direct with Strong. This Committee will be authorized to make trips when necessary.

The meeting at Mpls on Monday includes a small group there, and both Gaddis & Wakeland asked me to meet with them before continuing my trip south. They cannot conveniently arrange to attend. Unless something changes it I’ll be home in time to attend that meeting & will then resume my travel toward Texas & the West. If there is a change I’ll wire, otherwise I’ll see you about Saturday.

R.A. is here & he thinks the move to Denver from Salt Lake is OK. Their lease terminates Jan 31st. He has been in Texas on leave and looks fine.

I cannot describe to you the feeling of turning over the throttle of the ‘hopper work. There is no let down feeling but one of duty to my family and my own health. I don’t mind saying that it is not an easy change and that the past two days and night have had me on edge. For the rest of the time here I’ll try to clarify any unfinished items of business, and pass along useful information. I have an appointment with the Chief this afternoon for a little talk on the N.W. situation, and will go over my immediate plans with him.

With love,