December 5, 1939

Tuesday Night.
Dec. 5, 1939.

Dearest Sweetheart:

We enjoyed your letter of Sunday night which came today. Walter White was so pleased when I handed him his. He thought your remark about Mrs. White’s being in charge of Mr. White and the boys was very funny. He remarked that Daddy can make some pretty good wisecracks when he isn’t too busy. I had him promise not to tell Lewis Dunbar about the letter, because Lewis is very jealous of the mail Walter White receives; he doesn’t know that most of it is in return for a label or a box top. Even your promise to write him next time would not have sufficed.

December 5, 1939

December 5, 1939

Between 7 and 8 o’clock tonight I went to the Douglas school to the annual “open house.” The rooms were decorated, each child’s work was on his desk and the teachers were on hand to welcome the parents, and to try to say something nice about their children. I was pleased with Walter White’s exhibit of the works he has done so far this year. Sometimes he talks like he isn’t doing anything, you know. However, this afternoon he told me that his teacher said his work was one of the best in the room, and there are 40 children. Lewis had a little toy puppy he had made on exhibition. With his teacher’s assistance he made a really cute one of black oilcloth, stuffed it with cotton, and sewed it with green wool thread. He told me that they must keep their Christmas presents a secret, so he wasn’t going to tell me that he was going to give me a little black puppy that he has been making in school.

Polly and I are going to have Kenneth, Helen, and Hallie Fulcher down town to dinner Friday evening. We plan to present each of them with a little inexpensive remembrance. As you know, Kenneth received his marching orders today, and Nellie is leaving Saturday afternoon. Polly doesn’t know when she is expected to leave.

So Mrs. B. gave a bridge party for you and Mr. Stage! Did you really play?

Lots of love to you and to Claudelle.

Always, your