July 18, 1939

707 Thorpe Bldg
Tuesday AM.

My dear Ina & Boys,

Came down about 30 minutes before 9 today & have time for a short letter. Have not heard from you during the past week. Enclosed for your convenience are a few air mail stamps.

July 18, 1939

July 18, 1939

Sunday noon I had dinner with Polly at her boarding place & then we went to a movie near Lake Street. Some kind of an airplane picture. We ate lunch at the Rainbow about a block from the movie & walked to her home. She talked about Wash. but I believe there was nothing especially new. She seems to be feeling much better, looks better and is in a better mental state.

A few times I’ve eaten at home. Most of the time I have been eating all meals down town.

The work is greatly reduced now, except at the office where vouchers & payrolls are heavy. Most of the labor came off duty Saturday. Airplanes still working. Large number of minor flights & one large one in Montana toward the west. It looks as though they are headed for the Rockies. They have done some damage but not as much as we expected. As a whole the flights do not compare with those of last year.

Polly just came by & sends her Hello to all of you.

Shotwell returned from Montana after having about 3 days with Dr. Parker in the flight areas. Next week we expect to hold a conference on the adult survey & get that started about Aug. 1.

More rain here yesterday & I note that Uvalde had a real good one (Leader News sent to Reitha).

Next time I’ll write to Walter White. Is he a good boy? Is Lewis a good boy?

With love