July 12, 1939

Wednesday Night.
July 12, 1939.

Dear Sweetheart,

Your letter was here when I returned tonight. I walked home from the office. Have just finished writing checks for milk coupons, Auto Assn. Club dinner, rent, fire & tornado insurance on Owenwood, electric bill, gas bill & for laundry $6.60. Storage & drayage Savannah. Will get the laundry out to you. The only thing from the Olson Rug Co. is a mimeographed sales letter. Will not do anything with them but will await your return.

July 12, 1939

July 12, 1939

The release for Owenwood was recorded & returned OK.

There is no news except that requisitions continue for Minn., Nebraska & numerous diversions come right along. Fires in Black Hills are handicapping loading of sawdust for Nebraska. Hope this clears up some tomorrow. Minor flights reported in Mexicanus area. They are not nearly as serious as last year. This week should complete the major part of baiting out there.

Polly looks just fine & as normal as ever. She thoroughly enjoyed Claudelle & Wash. She has lots to tell me about Wash. & I promised to eat dinner with her at her boarding house next Sunday noon.

Tell W.W. I appreciated his letter very much. When Lewis can write I’ll be glad to hear from him too. I want both of them to be good boys.

With love