September 30, 1924

Jacksonville Fla
Sept 30 1924

My Dear Ina,

Was glad to get your letter and to know that you were feeling fine.

I have just received a letter from Mr. Bishopp to the effect that Dr. White is having so much to do that he will not be able to section the material I have sent him. The plan is to have me go to Washington about the 5th of Oct for a period of about two weeks so that I can do the work myself. I am glad to have the opportunity of working with Dr. White and also of doing my own work, as I have felt a need for a little more training and experience on this particular thing. I am very glad to go and I am very sorry that I can’t be in Uvalde, but as you suggested I guess all things work out to the best advantage.

September 30, 1924

September 30, 1924

I understand that Dr. Roark is in Dallas now and no doubt there will be a couple to come to Uvalde with him. I can hardly understand how Mr. Parman can take a vacation if they come down there, but I presume they have arranged something.

I have quite a few cases under my own experimental treatments and also have an opportunity of seeing quite a number whom Dr. Kirby-Smith is treating at his office. If work continues like this, I may not get away for quite a while. They keep me going just now. I locked my door so as to write you, for I know that otherwise I would only get started on the letter and would have to leave it, and probably would not get to it again for a day or so.

Have just had a call from one of the schools here that a number of the kids are infested. Will try and look them over tomorrow, and I am in hope that some new chemicals will get here by that time so that I can try them out there.

The ones I am treating are the ones who feel that they can’t afford to go to Dr. K.S. office, and I am utilizing this opportunity to test some new treatments. We have an effective treatment for cases when they are newly infected, but after the cases become old and resistant it is not so effective. Am trying others for these cases, as so many who go to the Doctors are old cases and quite difficult to treat.

Excuse the brief letter, Dear, but I must go. Have a man who can’t get down here or even get out of bed, and we are going out to see him. Has several hundred on his limbs and arms. Plumber by trade and hasn’t slept for a week.

With love,