February 15, 1938 (Ina)

Tuesday Afternoon.
Feb. 15, 1938.

Dearest Sweetheart:

Today we were very happy to have your letter written Friday.

Do you really want us to wait until school closes? I’m perfectly willing to go sooner if you think you will be at headquarters enough for us to see you once in a while. Will you be traveling a great deal between now and June, or will most of your time be spent at Minneapolis? You plan for us to move after the “big rush” is over. When will that be? In the meantime, do you expect to have any occasion to see us in San Antonio? The logical time for us to move seems to be after school closes the last day of May but I don’t want to desert you nor do I want to be in your way.

February 15, 1938 (Ina)

February 15, 1938 (Ina)

When does this new job cease to be a secret? Mrs. Welker excitedly called me up the other day to know if we were going to move. Mr. Wilkie had heard at the pink boll worm office that the screw worm office was closing and Mr. Townsend was to begin work there. I didn’t give her any idea where we would be or what you would be doing. I told her we probably would know when you returned from Washington.

Will you have something to do with the Mormon cricket work too?

Has your cold gotten well? I do hope so.

We went to Uvalde last week-end. The family pledged secrecy when I told them of your new work. They were proud of you for being assigned to such an important problem and were brave about our moving so far away. They expect to move into their new home about March 1. It is going to be pretty. Reitha was elected the most popular girl in the junior class and Thelma Lee (though married) was elected the most beautiful in the senior class. They won by a large majority. This is for the annual.

Today at noon Mr. Welker telephoned that he had a fine new boy. It came about 2 A.M. and everything is lovely. His name is Thomas Fowler. I’ll go to the hospital to see them soon. He will use Lewis Dunbar’s basket.

I’m invited to a tea to be given tomorrow afternoon in a home on West King’s Highway. Don’t you just love ‘em?

Yes, I signed the deed in the presence of Mrs. Schroeder and the notary (with seal) and mailed it to Mr. O’Donnell the same day I received it.

Sunday A.M. while we were at Uvalde Mama received a special delivery letter from Claudelle telling of her transfer. I hope she reached Washington before you left. I was sorry Mama & Papa had that news on top of news of our prospective move.

Madie says she would love to go with us. I warned her about the climate, distance from her home etc. but she didn’t mind. She corresponds occasionally with a friend who lives in those parts so she knows a little about the country. I think it would be a great comfort to have her with us. What do you think?

The children keep asking when you are coming home. Lewis Dunbar saves you a piece of chewing gum almost every day. I’d love to see you too.

I love you, Honey.

Always, your

P.S. I’m glad you sent Mother Dove the check.