January 6, 1937

Stationery from the Bellevue Hotel, Washington, DC.

Jan 6, 1937
Wednesday PM

My dear Sweetheart,

The third day of the meetings are at a close and most of the speakers during this time are mighty glad that they have finished. Bishopp and I are supposed to come on Friday AM, but two are about tomorrow so we may get started then. Bishopp may be called upon in the PM & mine on the following morning though he hopes that they come together.

January 6, 1937

January 6, 1937

This noon Cushing and I had a preview of the movie to be shown Saturday morning. It has no legends so I’ll have to make a talkie of it. Was supposed to go to Bishopp’s for dinner tonight, but he did not get his talk outlined last night so I am eating at the hotel where I will also work on my notes. Tomorrow night the Wash. Ent. Soc. will meet at the National Museum and I presume I’ll attend.

Have been stopping at the hotel this time, even though Emory asks me every day to go to his home. Will try to go out there before leaving for Florida, and will ask them to eat dinner with me. They received the carving set and send many thinks etc. Mr. Strong is going to Fla. on the 13th and tonight he mentioned it to me, when I discussed Hollingsworth and Brunson with him. Have asked him to join some of our district meetings which I expect to hold while there. They have been informed that there is no secret about it that I am going to check on them. Yeomans says they are working hard and that Bruce is bearing down on them. Am not able to get Brunson down there but Strong did agree to keep Hollingsworth in La.

I cashed a check for $60 which should be entered on your stub. Is less expensive here than Atlantic City, but runs close to the allowed amount. Will make out some accounts upon my return so we can get some of it back.

Florida address will be Box 178 Gainesville Fla.

With love to the three of you, and Claudelle,


P.S. I wrote to Mother Dove.