December 30, 1936

Stationery from Chalfonte-Haddon Hall, Atlantic City, NJ.

Wednesday Night.

My dear Sweetheart,

Most of the meetings are over and by tomorrow noon all of them will come to a close. I have been before different groups so much that folks will look at me and think of screw worms. Judging from the number who commented of the Myiasis of Man speech, I am of the opinion that I made myself understood. I hope so, because the chief sat on the last row in the rear of the auditorium. Dr. Breman’s paper was well received, and I am continually receiving compliments on the exhibits. Mr. Hall is full of praises for Claudelle’s work. The Bureau people, including Dr. Bishopp are complimentary on the screw worm control work, and I wonder what next week will bring. They have a way of making one the King’s cup bearer for a while and then with a spanking demote him to custodian of the incense pot. I wonder if I have something in store next week. I think I am on solid ground, and the evidence I am able to obtain makes me feel that way.

December 30, 1936

December 30, 1936

The surprise of the year was Dr. Bishopp’s election as president of the Econ. Ent. Association. It was a complete surprise, and Eula Lee is as proud as a male peacock. I am mighty glad because it makes for harmony and good feeling. We need a lot of it. Our relations have been most pleasant and on several occasions I am pleased to say that I made nice mentions of him and the M&A division. There has been no evidence of friction of any kind.

The Society passed a resolution on good will etc. to the old timers including appreciation of Dr. Howard’s visit here. The only item affecting appropriations asked for an emergency appropriation to be used as & when needed for control work. From grape vine news it is my understanding that Congress will be requested to appropriate five million to be used if needed for grasshopper, chinch bug & screw worms. I have had no official word of this. In presenting needs on SW work I intend to give a very definite program with an estimate of needs. From tomorrow until Monday morning I expect to be in solitary confinement at the Hotel Bellevue in Washington. Cushing thinks I am going to Baltimore from here. He and Hall returned to Wash. today.

Roarks, Bishopp, Dr. Howard, Dr. Anderwort & perhaps others asked about you. Anderwort says that every time they have toasted cheese on crackers they think of you.

I appreciated your letter. It helped lots. With lots of love, your