October 4, 1936

Stationery from the White House Hotel, Gainesville, FL.

Sunday 11:30 AM.

My dear Sweetheart,

The conference was successful but with some controversial discussions. We got 20,000 from the state for the winter program and with leeway on purchase of materials and free distribution. The bulletin by Bruce & Sheeley was received yesterday & approved for publication by the state of Fla.

October 4, 1936

October 4, 1936

A meeting called by Mr. Anderson will be at Memphis on October 19th & Strong promised to attend. As yet I have had no word to attend but presume that I shall.

Will be here tomorrow on personnel matters & may go to Atlanta tomorrow night. Would like to hear from Chief about Memphis meeting. When we don’t hear from him we do not know how he thinks or what he might do.

Dr. Newell, Dr. Knapp & the University group were mighty fine about the program & new plan. They are thinking eradication and quarantine work.

I talked to Leman Anderson, Russell’s sec’y, yesterday. He will come to Fla. in about a week and spend a few days with Yeomans.

Caught a miserable cold on the sleeper the night I left San Antonio. Fighting it and it seems to be much better. Yeomans & I are going to a Mr. Boyd’s this PM & may fish some. Bruce is almost under the weather so Mrs. Bruce is keeping him at Gainesville.

With love, to all of you,