June 27, 1936

Saturday Night 6/27 – ’36

My dear Sweetheart,

Was mighty glad to get your letter at College Station during the conference and the other came this morning. Claudelle had saved one you sent to Uvalde so I feel that I am getting news more often than I am sending news to you.

June 27, 1936

June 27, 1936

The conference was first rate and we have a good bunch of men for Texas. They returned home Wednesday night and Mr. Townsend & I came back to San Antonio. R.A. came back yesterday and I met him at Austin & held a conference with the Commissioner of Agriculture. He is giving some splendid cooperation. Frank made a talk to the state veterinarians’ meeting at Albuquerque today and his resignation became effective today. He reports to the Public Health Service at San Francisco on July 1. Mr. Yeomans left yesterday for Illinois with two scouts and the third will join him at Pittsfield Sunday night. Screw worms (Americana) were reported to Dr. Bishopp and he sent Schroder to the scene. We are now getting our forces out there. Things happen so frequently and at so many different places at one time, that happenings a few hours old soon seem like history. R.A. selected a steno today and within a week we think he will have some help. Also we are trying to get Kenneth appointed as his assistant. We want to get word from Washington before we ask him to start. Rainwater is recommended for a Civil Service job at Savannah and may soon report down there. If so, and he stays at Savannah he will want a furnished place. They would take good care of our place if we rented it furnished to them.

This may be the best thing for a while, so that you can come to Texas. The screw worm control work may continue often this year, but no one can tell. The grief and opposition is more than any of us anticipated. So many things pop up. The research men are quiet now and appear OK but they would like to pin me down for something. On the surface we are getting along. The extension folks in different states are anxious for our program and this causes some worry that we did not have last year. I have not finished going through my mail for this week, that is what I should answer, so you can see that I am behind. Tomorrow I plan to get over & sort all of it so that it can be answered Monday. The wires have kept me going most of this week. So much of it is by wire. Strong is out of Washington and may show up at any place in the field at any time. He is expected in La. about now. Claudelle’s exhibit at A&M is splendid and now she is getting one ready for New Mexico for Wednesday. She visited the fair at Dallas on Tuesday & Wednesday & worked up some publicity for the one up there. It seems to be a good one.

Yeomans is apt to be in the North for about 3 weeks & I do not see how I can come East before he returns. It looks like your husband will not see you real soon, but of course it would not take long to come if I can. We have a short time to make a record in the SW and every minute counts right now.

When I get my nose through this stack of things, I’ll write more & perhaps the next one will sound more like myself.

I love you and you and you, all 3 of you and I wish I could see you.