June 16, 1936

YMCA, San Antonio TX
June 16, 1936.

My dear Sweetheart,

Pardon the pencil but my fountain pen is on the 4th floor in another coat pocket and this “Y” does not have an elevator.

June 16, 1936

June 16, 1936

Your letter was a life saver this morning. I saw a card you had written to Mother Lewis on the 8th, but had not heard from you since I came here. The letter was just fine and I am glad that Walter White is a gold pin citizen. Wish you could sell your office so you could move to San Antonio and be with your husband. Before long I think you will sell and it won’t take long when you get some prospects. I am sure that the house will help sell itself.

Claudelle and I drove to Uvalde Saturday afternoon and returned Sunday PM. Saturday night we went to Thelma’s and spent a while. Mother and Daddy Lewis went with us. We saw Reitha and her boy friend. Thelma Lee was at home after turning down about three dates. She seems to have a good friend who returned from college recently and she saves her dates for him. She is pretty and very attractive. Reitha is growing and is somewhat of a young lady herself.

Next Monday Tuesday & probably Wednesday we will hold the training school at College Station for the new supervisors. RA and Frank are going up there tomorrow. It is possible that Doward may be at Beaumont on a short call notice as Mrs. Doward is expecting a youngster about the 18th. We may have to run the school without Doward.

The office work seems to be pretty well organized, and we have a hand picked personnel. I am real proud of the set up.

Enclosed you will find a signature card for the San Antonio National Bank. Please sign on the second line and return the card to me. I made a deposit today in our joint account and they need your signature before you can write any checks against the account. When your card is signed Mrs. W.E. Dove, I’ll sign and return it to the bank. My address is 1010 Travis Bldg., Personal, and I’d be pleased to hear from you as often as you care to write. I know that you are busy and I won’t expect letters often.

Should you want to write to me at College Station the address is care Mr. Kelvin Doward. He has a box but I do not remember the number. I’ll get it OK.

With love to all three of you and looking forward to seeing you.