May 7, 1936

Railroad stationery from the Sunset Limited, San Francisco – Los Angeles – New Orleans.

En Route San Antonio to Beaumont. Thursday.

My dear Ina,

The meeting with the Committee turned out quite satisfactory and I feel confident that we will not have more resolutions from them. We worked on individuals ahead of time and Tuesday an open meeting seemed to get things in line. We are stressing the demonstrations and screened hospital pens and the other portion of the program centers about this approach.*

May 7, 1936

May 7, 1936

Found the Lewis family feeling OK and Claudelle seems thrilled over the new job.

Am spending today at Beaumont and by the time this letter reaches you, I should be in Atlanta again. Brundrett is so slow and inactive it is necessary to move him to California. That is my job today at Beaumont. Will use Doward as state Superintendent.

Office space on 12th floor of Milam building will probably be obtained. Bids went out yesterday and are to be opened Saturday.

R.A., Frank, Brundrett, Duck & Underwood will go to California this week end. Yeoman at San Antonio will work with Doward selecting district men.

With love,

* Apparently there was some kind of local resistance to the USDA’s screw-worm control program.