April 29, 1936

Railroad Stationery from The Piedmont, New York-New Orleans, En Route …

to N.O.
April 29, 1936.

My dear Ina,

A big rush during the past day or two or rather since March 9th. Left Bruce in Atlanta and he will be there until Friday PM & then again for duty next week. McGehee takes over Fla. work next Monday and Bruce Atlanta about Wednesday. Mr. Townsend is in hospital at Wash. following eye operation but 2 days after he was sitting up and listening to a radio. Rice, Cushing and Spencer went over to see him. Expect him to return about Sunday. Sent out his bids and purchase orders all this PM and I think the rush items were taken care of OK. Pay rolls were signed & C. has a check for a few days. Mr. Mitchell is sending my checks to you 1504 E. 51. One is for $40 for 16 to 20th. The other is for 21 to 30th. Please deposit both of htem. I cashed one check for $10 Monday & another for $40 this noon. When I returned to the office the advance of funds for 200 was there. Hope I did not over draw your account but in case I did the other checks will be there Friday AM. Swore to the lien & returned it to Mr. Cline this noon. He will get it tomorrow morning.

April 29, 1936

April 29, 1936

My conference at College Station is Saturday and will try to get to Uvalde Sunday but am not sure. Will see them on this trip. Yeomans left yesterday AM for Texas, RA was in Uvalde last Sunday and Monday.

I am enclosing a note from Dr. Huff. I dictated letters to both he and Dr. White this PM and I asked the Huffs to stop at Savannah too.

With lots of love to the three of you,


San Antonio next Monday care of Mr. McDonald, Bureau of Ent & P.Q. Will establish an address at San Antonio for mail then.