April 26, 1936

Sunday Night.

My dear Sweetheart,

Yesterday afternoon Mr. Rainwater stayed with me and worked and about four o’clock Mrs. Rainwater came by the office. She typed some things for me which I had overlooked during the rush of the past few days and they were mailed into Washington. A report for the Pest survey bulletin and a news release on screw worms. They had lunch with me at the cafeteria and I went to a movie with them. I took a bath (Sat. night) and went to bed. This morning I found that the Day Light Saving had gone into effect so I’ve been an hour late. Ate breakfast late and a late dinner. Worked from about 11 to 3, saw a parade & then worked from 4:30 to 8:40. Made out my accounts for March and April so that Mitchell can type them tomorrow. I do not get expenses at Atlanta. With the visiting period on the Cushings my accounts amount to $99.

April 26, 1936

April 26, 1936

Tomorrow morning Mr. Yeomans reports and after brief instructions during tomorrow and Tuesday he will leave some time Tuesday for San Antonio. Mr. Welker reports tomorrow morning & Bruce comes in the PM. Miss. Claudelle Lewis reported to the Lab at Uvalde on Saturday AM & I sent her an Oath of Office by Air Mail. Had an Air Mail letter from her and I think she has plenty to do.

Mr. Townsend had an operation or expected to, so he will probably be in Washington all week. He has been a hard worker and I’ve depended on him for the office end. On account of payrolls I may not get away as early as I had thought. They have to be signed and only Townsend and I can sign them.

I will have to draw a check on our account tomorrow. I have 40ยข for breakfast tomorrow morning. Made application for an advance for $200 and it should be here by this time. I’ll draw about $10 and by the time it is used, the other should be here. Will get express money orders for convenience.

With lots of love to you and all of our sons,


C&S paper received & will be notarized tomorrow. Am due College Station Saturday and will not leave here until Wednesday PM. Yeomans checked out today. Bruce is here now.