December 19, 1934

Letterhead from the Georgia Emergency Relief Administration, Atlanta, Georgia.

Dr. W.E. Dove,
In Charge of Screw Worm Control Work
P.O. Box #22
Savannah, Georgia

Dear Dr. Dove:

We are attaching hereto a copy of our state project number S-160-B18-11 A, which was approved yesterday covering an extension of the original screw worm project.

December 19, 1934

December 19, 1934

This project will be worked similar to the original approval, and you should get in touch with Mr. Harry Harmon, State Purchasing Agent, Georgia Emergency Relief Administration, Ten Forsyth Street Building, Atlanta, Georgia regarding the purchase of Benzol, Pine Tar, and other supplies for which a purchase release has been granted.

Very truly yours,

(Miss) Gay B. Shepperson
Relief Administrator for Georgia


Walter’s grant renewal for the screw-worm control project totaled $5,000, which would be $85,962 in today’s money. Only $1,900 was for labor, so they were distributing a lot of pine tar and benzene.