October 30, 1934

Stationery from the Hotel Mayflower, Jacksonville, Florida.

Slashes indicate premature line endings from mouse damage.

Tuesday A.M.

Dear Folks,

The meeting was/ one in every way. I am att/ Rotary here this noon. This/ John and I are going to Orlando to see Dr. King. He is dis/ over the fact that the Florida Extension people asked me to/ to the County agents on screw worms, when he has a program with them at the present time.

October 30, 1934

October 30, 1934

Will spend tonight at Orlando and tomorrow morning.

With love,

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  1. Tom Dove

    Note that Walter and Ina had their second child, Lewis, born in Savannah on October 8, 1934. Walter’s work kept him traveling, but not too far from home or for extended times as his earlier work had done when their first son was an infant.

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