August 7, 1934

Office of State Entomologist, State Capitol, Atlanta.

Dr. W.E. Dove
403 Postoffice Building
Savannah, Georgia

Dear Dr. Dove:

I am more than extremely sorry that the articles that appeared in the Savannah Evening News implicated you or indicated in any way that you were involved in political activities or criticised another Federal Department. I know that you were extremely careful in all the statements that you made to Congressman Parker and if I remember correctly, I did about nine-tenths of the talking with Mr. Sutlive. I am quite sure that he in no way desired to involve you in any way in any controversy but that it was his over eagerness to be of help. You may rest assured that if any trouble develops that I will do everything in my power to see that you do not suffer, for I know positively that you have not connected yourself with any political activities and have not criticised any other Bureau.

August 7, 1934

August 7, 1934

I realize, however, that Parker was interested in this project from a more or less political view point and that I made a mistake in asking for his assistance. However, I knew that that was our last hope.

I know that in case (which I do not believe will develop) any accusations are filed against you that you will not only have my support but the support of hundreds of your friends in your section. I know that Col. Butler would fight to the last ditch.

Miss Shepperson did not agree to our project as submitted and would not agree to purchase any materials. She has asked me to talk with Mr. Vansant, who is in charge of all their farm supervisors in the state and work out a project along the following lines:

FERA has a farm supervisor who is a graduate of the State College of Agriculture for every three counties in the State. Miss Shepperson proposed that we have meetings with these farm supervisors, discuss the situation with them and instruct them on how to treat the cattle and they in turn go into the counties assigned them and hold meetings in from three to six sections of the county depending entirely upon the size of the county. She also indicated that it would be possible where found necessary to have FERA workers destroy carcasses.

The only alternative she offered was to secure a special allotment of funds directly from Hopkins’ office for this work but did not advise strongly that we try to secure these funds.

I have not as yet talked with Vansant and desire to have your reaction before I do talk with him. I would greatly appreciate your wiring me collect tomorrow morning your reactions and if you and Roberts would be available for these sectional meetings. Frankly, I do not see how we can carry the project unless we do have your support.

I am quite sure that you are fully aware that I have never attempted to play politics with any of the FERA work and can assure you that so far as I am concerned, there will be no politics in these meetings. I think that the three of us could hold the meetings.

With kindest personal regards, I am

Yours very truly,

M S Yeomans