September 19, 1933

Stationery from the Hotel Appling, Baxley, Georgia.

Walter and Ina are now living in Savannah, GA, and he’s touring the countryside giving presentations to ranchers about how to prevent and control screw-worm infestations in their livestock. At some point during this period, he worked with a film crew to create this educational movie. Additional 16mm footage from those filming sessions was part of the archive I inherited. Those film reels and other materials from Walter’s research are now stored safely at Johns Hopkins University, in case anyone needs to refer to them.

Tuesday Night.

My dear Sweetheart,

We ate lunch at Waycross and reached Alma about 215 PM. There were about 200 at the meeting but apparently very few screw worm cases in that county. Dr. Roffensperger did not come today. His wife is ill and he will not be with us until possibly Friday at Sylvester. We have the two meetings tomorrow as per schedule and one at Nahunta Thurs. A.M. Friday at 11 am we have the last of the week at Sylvester. If we get through there promptly we should get home early Friday night, that is about 10 o’clock.

September 19, 1933

September 19, 1933

So far there is one meeting after this week in Wayne County which is quite near Savannah. I think the county seat is Jessup. It is about 65 miles from Savannah.

The meeting went over OK today. We divided Dr. Roffensperger’s talk between Dr. White and myself.

Dr. White thinks that Oct 1st will close all of the meetings. I think we are near the close by the end of this week.

I am expecting some word from Mr. Sanders at Savannah. Would you please tell Mr. Hall of the meeting at *

Nahunta 11am Thursday 
- Western Union - Tifton Thursday night. 
Sylvester 11 AM   "

I love you lots and lots Honey and before long I expect to stay at home more.


* Walter wrote out the schedule in a tabular format, which I’ve tried to duplicate in the transcript. The reference to Western Union may mean that he wanted Ina to telegraph the information to Hall.