July 31, 1933 (from Dr. Bishopp)

The next letter in the file is nearly a year later, on a completely different subject.

401 Cecil St. Uni Park
Hyattsville, Md.
July 31 – 1933

Dear Dove:

It now appears practically certain that Dr. Marlett will retire upon reaching his 70th birthday in Sept. This makes the appointment of his successor a matter soon to come before the Secretary. As a matter of fact, a committee was appointed to represent the two entomological associations to make certain recommendations to the Secy regarding the Bureau, and one of these, I understand was the importance of an early appointment of a successor so that he might be ready to proceed energetically and intelligently with the conduct of Bureau affairs as soon as the Chief retires. I have been informed that the committee is unanimously opposed to Mr. Rohmer as Chief, though I don’t know that they have agreed to push any special candidate. This committee consists of E.F. Phillips, W.E. Britton, E.P. Felt, J.S. Houser and E.N. Cory. Phillips is receptive to the appointment and there is some indication that he is doing some active pulling for the job.

July 31, 1933 (from Dr. Bishopp)

July 31, 1933 (from Dr. Bishopp)

Within the Bureau, apparently Dr. Marlatt expects to push Mr. Rohmer into the place, though he is not favorably looked upon by most of the division heads. Larrimer & I are the only other Bu. members whose names I have heard mentioned favorably.

I think it a worthy ambition for any entomologist to desire elevation to that important position and while I recognize my many shortcomings I feel that my experience, knowledge of the personnel and work of the Bureau and my knowledge of the entomological problems of the country and of the point of view of the farmers is at least equal to that of others. I have been encouraged greatly in making some effort to secure the appointment by the concentrated support of a goodly number of my associates in the Bu. and friends outside.

If you think I can handle the job satisfactorily I shall greatly appreciate your support where opportunity offers. A word now and then among the entomologists will help crystallize sentiment. There is every indication that some political wires are being pulled for certain others outside the Bu. so that slant may be very helpful and very necessary. I hope that the appointment will not take on a purely political aspect, but partisan consideration is having quite a part there these days. While I can’t claim being an old line Democrat, I’ve helped elect many good Democrats including F.D. (with 3 votes from our family). While the gov’t man is getting his bumps now we hope it will come out all to the good in the end.

We still hope and are working hard for the maintenance of the Bu. as a unit and the committee feels that the early appointment of a new Chief will be an important step in that direction.

Such help as you may lend will not be forgotten.

Wish you and the family could get up this way this summer, we would all enjoy a visit from you so much.

With best regards from all to all